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From Dennis:

As I sat there worshiping, during our inaugural services for the new Dunamis Building, I suddenly heard the Lord say to me. This is the beginning of a new season. I (the Lord) am pressing the reset button in your lives. The things that you have been going through now end! The hopeless situations now end. Financial lack now ends. Those who have been waiting for direction but feel they have heard nothing, this all ends and you are all coming into a new fresh season and you will¬†begin to receive new vision and new direction for the days ahead. This will be a time of acceleration, God is speeding his people towards their destiny. Some have been stuck due to past failings and disobedience. Now there is a new “reset” and you will no longer be stuck, but able to advance. The Father is helping you get beyond the past to follow him in the present and reach out to the bright future ahead.

Special Guest Andy Glover

andy copy

Sunday January 4th!

Andy is one of our favorite guests. Come receive awesome ministry
from the Heart of the Father through Andy.
Healing, prophetic words, encouraging words will flow to all who attend.
Check out Andy’s website

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